Our Healthy Building Management Software (HBMS) creates accessible inspection information from HBI certified hygienist inspections and allows your staff using HBMS to maintain their own inspection information system.

No other inspection suite of software has integrated the best features of HB Inspections


Complete information at a glance

Record, edit and access owner/manager info including contact information.

Access building site info anywhere, anytime…

Record, edit, copy, access and transmit building site information from any device:

  • Location, address
  • Interactive map with directions
  • Dates of last and next inspections

Create custom list of building conditions and building area inspection categories

  • Your staff can learn how to use the Healthy Building Inspection system in minutes.
  • Create custom dropdown selections for inspectors listing:
    • Area of building to be inspected
    • Inspection priority
    • Date to be inspected and reinspected
    • Comments & instructions

One-click email notification of violations to building manager/owner


Condition or violation report email goes directly to the building owner or manager and lists:

  • Building location
  • Date of inspection
  • Name of inspector and contact information
  • Violation with location and explanation
  • Violation severity

One-click email inspection reports to file

Automatic email notification to the client lists:

  • Address of building to be inspected
  • Priority level
  • Inspector name & contact information
  • Area(s) of the building to be inspected
  • Violations and their status

Chain of Custody Report

Automatic email notifies inspector of:

  • Sample date & location
  • Who collected the sample and which lab it was sent to
  • When the lab received the sample

Integrated inspection tools include text, photographs and laboratory sample description forms


GIS location of  building to be inspected

  • Record and access owner/manager records and contact information.
  • Record and access building address information and notations.

HBMS operates on tablets, smartphones and desktop computers.